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A road less traveled... Research managers often lack training opportunities and can feel as if they are going down an unknown path...

Research Manager Intensive Training

RMIT are short training courses designed to boost

Research Managers throughout their careers.

About the program

The Research Manager Intensive Training programme is designed to boost research managers’ professional development and increase their efficiency through four carefully tailored courses that cover the entire career span of a research manager. Read more about the courses here:

IMPORTANT! The RMIT program is in development and the intention is to roll it out completely during 2024-25.

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The first course in the RMIT program is aimed at individuals with 0 to 2 years’ experience of the Research Management profession. All research managers are welcome, whether working at a university, college, research institute, research funder, government agency, or any type of research performing or funding organization.



Who is behind Research Manager Intensive Training?

We are a group of research managers from The Netherlands, Scandinavia, Italy, and France with solid experience in training researchers and research managers in a range of different situations, including institutions and associations. Two of us are managing consultancies – DrEAMS Funding Consultancy and Research Lighthouse – and two are working as research managers at respectively Université de Sorbonne and Politecnico di Milano.


The trainers behind RMIT are:


For more information or specific questions/requirements, please contact Olaf Svenningsen.


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