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Dawn over lake Västra Nedsjön in Hindås, and the sun is also going up over your research manager career...!

New in the RM profession

Are you new in a job as a research manager?

Then the training course New in the RM profession is

made specifically  for you!

The first course in the RMIT program is aimed at individuals with 0 to 2 years’ experience of the Research Management profession. All research managers are welcome, whether working at a university, university of applied sciences, college, public or private research institute, research & development company, research funder, government agency, or any type of research performing or research funding organization.

For research managers with more than 2 years of experience, RMIT-2: Mastering research management (more information coming soon...) is a better choice. 

The training course

RMIT-1 has three core training blocks covering the complete research project lifecycle from idea to impact, seen from a research management viewpoint and with a focus on the added value that RM brings to the process: 

A. Idea: ensuring that the idea is viable and feasible through elaboration, contextualization, planning, and preparation, and alignment with the targeted funding call.
B. Proposal: idea and practical framework unite in one coherent document that meets the requirements of the funder.
C. Project: where the actual research is performed.

A simulated realistic project, based on a real call from the European Horizon Europe Framework Programme will be used to create a unique hackathon-type of training

Participants will build and refine their own map of the research and research management landscape. They will advance their understanding of roles and activities for RM in the project lifecycle, and train their skills and competences. Working together with peers from other countries, organizational, cultural, and other diversities will strengthen the learning.

Sneak preview of the programme

Day 1 - The Idea: Understanding the research and funding landscape, idea development and funding calls.
Day 2The Proposal: Contributing as an RM to crafting a competitive proposal.
Day 3The Project: Critical aspects of project management and tackling common challenges. 

The training will feature a variety of formats, including theoretical presentations, dialogues, practical micro-exercises, group activities, and role-playing. Networking and social activities will also be integrated to enhance learning and collaboration.


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