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Research Lighthouse guiding research to safe harbors by help with grant proposals or any service needed for success.

What can I do for you?

Are you involved in research/development projects or research support and could use good advice on funding, support in grant proposal writing, research planning, organizing research support, or other challenges?


Research Lighthouse is here to help.

My name is Olaf Svenningsen, and Research Lighthouse is my way of putting many decades of experience to work in service of research, researchers, and research services.


With Research Lighthouse, I offer my service to individuals, groups or organizations within a range of areas. If you don't find what you are looking for or want to try something else, please don't hesitate to get in touch, so we can talk about what I could do for you.

Olaf Svenningsen
How It Works

How It Works

Individual counseling

Workshops and courses

  • You are a researcher or a research manager,  individual or group of any size and kind, anywhere in Europe or the world.

  • You have a challenge or problem that you need help with. It can for example be in any of these topics, or anything else.

  • I help you resolve it in the best way.

  • Our first meeting is always free of charge.

  • The service will be adapted to your specific needs and wishes.

  • You are looking for efficient training within any of Research Lighthouse's areas of expertise for you, your group or any unit in your organization.

  • Workshops and training courses are available according to one of Research Lighthouse's models, adapted to suit your situation...

  • ...or we come up with something entirely new and exciting!

Analyses and reports

  • You need an analysis, plan or strategy within any of Research Lighthouse's service topics.

  • I provide an analysis, report or plan that is tailored specifically to your situation.


  • The first meeting is always free.

  • An individual quote will be made as soon as we have agreed on the scope and time limits for the project.

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